I've designed 2 Styles of Ponchos :

the Pixie on the left and the Acapulco on the right.

Pixie Poncho

This is designed with a beaded point at the neck and a tasseled point on the lower edge. The front and back are basically the same.

The Pixie comes in Linen/Cotton, Pure Cotton, Cotton/Merino and occassionally Alpaca. 

 from £49







Acapulco Poncho

Based on a tradition poncho, this style can be worn in a variety of ways.. see below.

I usually knit this in Linen/Cotton but can also come in Pure Cotton, Cotton/Merino and occassionally in Alpaca.


from £49.

The Acapulco Poncho can be worn in numerous ways... Slash Neck, Asymetric & V Neck.

this causes the lower edge and sleeve lengths to vary each time and creating a different look.