Coil Cardigans

The Coils come in 4 Lengths - Short, Regular, Mid and Full. They look great layered together as shown on the left in shades of Blue in Full & Short length.

The Short Coil is available in Pure Cotton and in Cotton/Merino.

The other lengths usually only come in Pure Cotton but can be made to order in the Cotton/Merino. They also come in 3 different sizes : S/M, M/L & XL.


Cotton/Merino colours : Flame; Earth; Sea; Moss; Fresh; Deep Sea. from £ 73

Cotton Coils come in all the cotton colours  £ 69.- £ 99.+


On the Left is the Regular length over the short and on the Right is the Mid Length also over short, Far right as left.

All of these are finished with Beaded details. The Full length is finished with Tassels. 

The Throwover 

This Style is designed to be worn draped around the neck either with the beads brought back to the front, as shown right, or hanging down the back. However, it can also be worn open in a 'Bolero with twiddly bits' style, one side over and one down, loosely knotted or Brooched. This is great for a wedding, for example over a summer dress, or for dressing up a pair of jeans and a t'shirt. Available to order in all Cotton Colours £73.

Its hard to carry all the stock so I do a few other styes to order including the Square Wrap, The Wraparound Scroll & Sleeveless/Short Sleeved variations of the Coils.

Square Wrap.

Designed to be worn open or with one side thrown over the shoulder. Great as a top layer this style can also be tucked into your waistband on one side and the other wrapped across and over the shoulder to keep you warm till you arrive at your destination where it can be 'un-wrapped' so you dont over heat. Loose fitting sleeves make this great over other layers. Available in Pure Cotton to Order £ 95.

The Wraparound Scroll

Shown here in Flame and Sea, the Wraparound is designed to do just that... wraparound the torso and tie loosely behind. It can also be worn open, in which case the tasseled ends form long scolling coils. These are both in Cotton/Merino at £ 79. but it is also available in Pure Cotton. £ 73.