Accessories including Scarves, Mittens, Snoods & Shawls


  Pile of Lacy Cotton Scarves

 Showing some of the colours available in both the Scarf

and the Mantilla Shawl.

Just a few of my Fingerless Mittens with Orignal Needlefelted Designs in Pure Wool. I repeat similar ideas, but no two are ever exactly the same. 

My Two-Tone Pure Merino Scarves come in a range of colourways to suit all styles and outfits. From Hot Reds to Cool Blues. New colour combinations coming all the time !

The  Mantilla Shawl

is a Large shawl knitted in Pure Cotton with a Lacy Knit texture. It is large enough to wrap around the shoulders and back over to form a drapped neckline and is perfect both for formal and informal occasions - dressing up a pair of jeans or wrapped around a smart wedding outfit for the extra warmth the British climate often requires.

The Large Mantilla Shawl shown here in Rosa Rugosa. Pure Cotton 

The Lacy Cotton Scarf comes in a very large range of colours and is soft and light to wear. Anyone with allergies to wool or synthetics will delight in this.

It is long enough to wrap around the neck at least a couple of times for warmth or worn loose it adds a dash of colour.

          Mantilla in                                                    Jade Scarf                   Double up with 2     

        Vintage Pink                                                                                         contrasting scarves

Single Loop Snood


This is a looser fitting snood which keeps the back and sides of the neck warm but more open at the front

Heaps of Snoods


The above photo shows the  piles of Snoods I usually take to shows. Not all colours are always in stock, but can make most colours up again.

Double Wrap Snoods

 A Snood designed to be worn wrapped twice round the neck, it can then also be drawn back over the head to keep ears etc warm.


This is me wearing one of my Double Wrap Snoods over my head and ears... Great for Dog walking

Left, Above and Right 

New Chunkier Snood

Knitted in a heavier weight this single loop snood can be worn around the neck or over the ears and head