The Cotton Collection


The Throwover

The Throwover is designed to be 'thrown over' each shoulder but can be worn in a variety of ways  


The Front 'Thrown over'                2 ways of having the Back.

and the points brought round.

                                                                       The Front with one

                                                               up and one down


The Coils

The Coils come in a range of lengths and sizes.

Lengths include waist, hip, thigh & calf . The later is finished with tasseled coils while the other lengths are finished with beads. All can be brooched on the bustline or left open and look great layered, as seen here.

            from £65.

Waist & Mid lengths       Full Length            Mid Length          Mid & Waist Length


Jaipur Jumper


Knitted in Cotton, this easy to

wear jumper has a beaded neck

point and an asymetric, beaded lower edge.

Available in several sizes and lengths. Full or 3/4 length sleeves.



Soon to be available in Tunic version



Square Wrap

      The Square Wrap can be worn thrown over one shoulder, Open or with one side tucked in and the other over the shoulder

shown here worn open over a

Coil with a couple of Scrawls



Now only available to order




The Scrowl

The Scrowl can be worn open & 'scrowling' down over a long outfit or can be tied in a variety of ways like a ballerinas cardigan.                                 .



Now only available to order